VHF GPS COMBO BLADE ANTENNA/TNC Connector and BNC Connector, 118-137MHz, 26.5 dB Gain, 50 Ohms, Gamma 1 GPS

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Combining GPS and VHF is where it all began for the popular ComDat product line. Now, ComDats feature super tough construction for today’s bigger and higher speed aircraft. Plus, integral Nitrile ‘O’ ring and nicket plated aluminum base plates make these new models easier to install on pressurized aircraft.

The CI-2680200 combines two functions into one. With two connectors on the base plate, GPS functions on TNC, and BNC is used for VHF Comm.

Installers will save time and money by installing fewer antennas. Pilots will appreciate the reduction in the number of antennas on their aircraft, and reduced drag, resulting in fuel economy and even higher speeds.

Built-in harmonic suppression filter limits VHF/GPS co-site interference.

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