Warranty Policy


  •  Per original Equipment Manufacturer / Suppliers policy.
  •  Location of warranty repair shall be at the discretion of the Aeronautical Aviation and carried out at the original repair facility.
  • Should OEM / Suppliers not cover Freight local / or foreign – Aeronautical Aviation will not cover Reimportation / Re Export Freight on behalf of the client in the event that the Supplier provides a replacement / exchange unit under warranty. These freight charges shall be for the account of the owner / operator unless previously negotiated with the Aeronautical Aviation. Aeronautical Aviation shall endeavour to obtain the Suppliers assistance for Freight Charges relating to warranty units.
  • Aeronautical Aviation will cover at their discretion their own labour to remove and or to install warranty units and shall negotiate if required with customers, agents or maintenance organization to cover their labour costs if deemed appropriate.
  • Incidental costs such as, but not limited to fuel, and sundries and consumables shall be negotiated and agreed upon by all parties at the time of the warranty claim and taking into account any and all extenuating circumstances.


  • 30 Days from work completion / or installation.
  • Strictly limited to that unit, portion of the unit, board or component that work was carried out on.
  • Limitations and Conditions- See below


  • Gyroscopes – 6 Months
  • Autopilot / Autopilot Components – 6 Months
  • General Instrumentation – 12 Months

(Includes parts and labour but shall exclude any electrical Stators and is strictly limited to that unit, portion of the unit, board or component that work was carried out on.)

Please note any exceedance of shelf life could negate the warranty period


  • Replacement of defective parts post inspection by Aeronautical Aviation and at their sole discretion.
  • Freight Charges are for the clients account.
  • 50% Reduction on any labour incurred in troubleshooting and removal / installation, post warranty.


  • The standard and approved operation of the aircraft and equipment, with the following conditions applied, but not limited to:
  • Flight school aircraft.
  • In flight consumption of tobacco products.
  • Regular replacement of system air filters.
  • Geographical location of operations.
  • Regular hangerage of the airframe.
  • Application of protective aircraft covers (i.e. Pitot covers, Static port covers, engine inlet covers, etc.)
  • Clear indication that all warranty seals are intact.