SunSpot 36-4000 Series Landing Light

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The SunSpot 36-4000 Series 75W tops the charts with the HIGHEST CANDELA IN THE INDUSTRY for a PAR 36 LED landing light. At just 75W, this line boasts an outstanding 200,000+ candela with a 15°x15° bright white beam angle that greatly improves visibility both on the ground and in the air from up to 30 miles away. -H MODEL includes AeroLEDs signature integrated Pulse (WigWag) functionality. This feature helps to significantly increase recognition in both broad daylight as well as night operations, aiding in the avoidance of midair collisions and bird strikes. While in operation, this self contained pulse function reduces load on the electrical system by 50% as compared to incandescent bulbs. The SunSpot 36 replacement LED’s utilize the existing PAR36 mount and electrical connections for ease of installation. (-H versions require an additional wire*)

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Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs


  • Highest candela in the industry
  • Power consumption: 75 watts
  • Color temperature: aviation white
  • Built-in pulse mode (-H models)
  • Synchronization
  • Easy installation
  • 30k hr MTBF
  • Built-in thermal protection
  • Aluminum/black powder coated heat sink
  • UV hardcoated polycarbonate lens


36-4000 SERIES 01-1030-4509 01-1030-4509-H 01-1030-4591 01-1030-4591-H
Certification FAA-PMA/STC
Voltage Nominal 14VDC 28V AC/DC
Minimum 9VDC 18V AC/DC
Maximum 15VDC 30V AC/DC
Current 5.4A @ 14VDC 2.7A @ 28VDC
Power 75W
Lumens 6,500
Candela 200,000
Beam Profile (@10% peak) 15° Vertical x 15° Horizontal
Dimensions (L x W x D) 4.4” x 4.4” x 2.0”
Weight 11.2oz
Mounting PAR36



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