Precision Vertical Card Compass

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The Precision Vertical Card Compass for todays aircraft. It is a dry compass, designed to replace the float/liquid type compass – no more leaking fluid or backward azimuth readings. It uses eddy current damping and as such has no overshoot. Consists of a 2″ vertical rotating dial which is compared with a fixed miniature airplane (lubber line) to present the magnetic heading of the aircraft at all times. Heading information is more natural because the heading is read at the12 o’clock position and off the nose of the miniature aircraft.

The compass card rotates and presents all quadrants in their true relation to line of flight. Requires no power (except for lighting) to operate. Fully TSOd. Installed in many current production aircraft & helicopters.

Note: A mount is required for installation with these units and is not included.

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