EIS-61000-5C Lycoming 6cyl Electronic Ignition Kit

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Single Magneto Replacement – CSTW
Single Engine Aircraft
Lycoming 540 Series Engines

The EIS-61000 Electronic Ignition Kit is a fully STC’d kit for Lycoming 540 series, non-turbo’d, series engines, installed on single engine aircraft. Replacing one magneto with the EIS-61000 will typically improve fuel economy on average by 10-15% (operators have reported consistent fuel savings of 1.5-2.0 gph or greater). Additionally, there will be an improvement in horsepower, smoother engine operation, easier hot starts and improved high altitude performance. The EIS-61000 adjusts spark timing automatically by way of our MAP Sensor – timing is adjusted with altitude. Most parts on the EIS-61000 are not life limited (reference the I.C.A. for recommended maintenance) – this combined with reduced spark plug fouling means lower maintenance costs. This kit can be used on either 12V or 24V systems.

This kit uses a Crank Shaft Trigger Wheel for firing the ignition system. The trigger wheel is mounted on the bare crankshaft just behind the prop flange. NOTE: Specify whether or not this is an O/IO-540 or AEIO-540 engine.

Kit includes: all the required parts to replace one magneto. (Please refer to the eligibility schedule to verify the system can be installed on your engine – Note: aircraft and engines are being added regularly).


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