EIS-41000IC Lycoming and Continental 4cyl Electronic Ignition Kit

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Impulse Coupled Magneto Replacement

The EIS-41000IC Electronic Ignition Kit is a fully STC’d kit for most Lycoming and Continental 4cyl engines. Replacing one impulse coupled magneto with the EIS-41000IC will typically improve fuel economy on average by 10-15% (many operators have reported consistent fuel savings of 1gph or greater). Additionally, there will be an improvement in horsepower, smoother engine operation, improved high altitude performance and better starting performance. The EIS-41000IC adjusts spark timing automatically by way of our MAP Sensor – timing is adjusted with altitude. Most parts on the EIS-41000IC are not life limited (the MTH is recommended to be changed at overhaul of the engine; spark plug wires on a regular interval) – this combined with reduced spark plug fouling means lower maintenance costs. This kit can be used on either 12V or 24V systems. Note: hand propping with an electronic ignition system is not recommended. Hand propping aircraft is a very dangerous activity and is never recommended or advisable.

Kit includes: all the required parts to replace the impulse coupled magneto (typically, the left hand mag) in most 4cyl Lycoming and Continental engines. (Please refer to the eligibility schedule to verify the system can be installed on your engine – Note: engines are being added regularly).

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