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The glareshield-mounted GPS antenna feeds a GPS receiver inside the G5 which provides position, velocity, and time data to support various functions.

If the primary G5 is installed as an ADI, HSI, or DG and not connected to a WAAS enabled GPS source, the G5 must be connected to this antenna.

It is designed for installation on top of an existing instrument panel glareshield. The selected location must offer good visibility of the sky through the windshield. Installation of the GPS antenna cannot obstruct or limit the pilot’s vision (even though the antenna has a low profile). The optimal antenna position is horizontal, or as close to horizontal as practical given the shape of the glareshield.

Fastener holes for screw-mounted antenna installation must not penetrate through the ventilation or defrost channels built into the glareshield, if present. If the glareshield is part of the instrument panel structure, fastener holes may only be drilled if provisioned by the aircraft maintenance manual or structural repair manual.

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