Garmin Service Bulletin on all GFC500 Autopilots


On the 21st November 2021, Garmin Aviation issued a **MANDATORY** Service Bulletin for all GFC500 Equipped aircraft with Pitch Trim Installed.

The reason for this was that an uncommanded automatic pitch trim runaway may occur when the autopilot is first engaged.

Engagement of the autopilot with this condition may result in an un-commanded deviation from the intended or desired flight path.

The action to be performed was to:

Before further flight, one of the following actions must be completed:

  • Disable the GFC 500 Autopilot by pulling the AUTOPILOT circuit breaker and placard the Autopilot ‘Inoperative.’


  • Contact a Garmin dealer to disable the pitch trim as directed in Garmin STC SA01866WI Service Bulletin 22110.

The resolution would come in the form of corrected future software updates.

On the 3rd January 2023 that software update was released and Garmin are covering the 1 hrs labour for Garmin Dealers to initiate the fix.

Compliance with this Bulletin is again **MANDATORY** and must be accomplished within 6 months or next scheduled service interval; whichever occurs first.

Give us a call or contact us at [email protected] to get this Bulletin completed.

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