EASA validation Complete for CJ1+ and CJ2+ Pro Line Fusion Upgrade

CJ2+ Fusion flight deck left angle

EASA has validated the Pro Line Fusion STC for CJ1+ and CJ2+!

Implement this upgrade if you would like to:
  • Increase the value of the asset.
  • Install the latest technology
  • Improve reliability and operational efficiency.
Above all, provide the enjoyment of a modern Pro Line Fusion flight deck.
What is next?
  • Download and Read the brochure below.
  • Contact us for your quote and slot.
  • Pro Line Fusion demand is strong, don’t be at the back of the line!

Hear directly how Pro Line Fusion® provides a more efficient flying experience and why this operator chose Pro Line Fusion® for his aircraft. Pro Line Fusion Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) now available for the CJ1+, CJ2+ and CJ3 aircraft.