Lower-Priced IFD440 option


Effective February 1, 2016, Avidyne is offering a new lower-cost IFD440 of $12,399, and all of our IFD unit pricing now includes the mounting tray and connector kit.  The new entry-level IFD440 pricing option does not include WiFi, Bluetooth, or FLTA/RTC* functionality.  These features are now available on the IFD440 as add-ons through separate activation charges.

IFD440 10W Black w/Tray & Kit$12,399
 Bluetooth/WiFi activation                                  add$  1,300
 Forward Looking Terrain (FLTA/RTC*)             add$ 1,300
 16W upgrade (28vdc aircraft only)                   add$4,999
IFD540 10W Black w/Tray & Kit + Integrated WiFi/Bluetooth +FLTA/RTC$16,999
 16W upgrade (28vdc aircraft only)                   add$4,999

  This new IFD440 pricing makes it much easier for customers to make apples-to-apples price comparisons with competitive systems.  It will also allow customers who are buying multiple IFD440s or an IFD540+IFD440 to reduce their costs by only having the added functionality in one unit if they choose. The IFD540 will continue to be offered with WiFi/Bluetooth & FLTA/RTC* included as standard functions, and with 16 Watt transmit as an option.  We have added the Tray and Kit into the retail price, which represents a price savings of $650 MSRP.

*What is FLTA & RTC? Forward Looking Terrain Alerting (FLTA) is a certified TAWS functionality that projects aircraft flight track in time to determine whether a collision with terrain is imminent. Reduced Terrain Clearance (RTC) alerting is a certified TAWS functionality that occurs when the flight path is not projected to impact terrain, but the projected clearance between the flight path and nearby terrain or obstacles falls below a designated safe vertical distance. RTC distance varies with phase of flight and aircraft dynamics. Non-TSO’d versions of these same TAWS algorithms for FLTA & RTC are included with all IFD540s and are a $1,300 option with the new lower-cost IFD440.  These safety features are only available in GTN units with the $8,000 TSO’d TAWS-B option.FLTA provides a “flashlight beam” projection of potential impact point, with 60 seconds (yellow)  and 30 seconds (red) Terrain Alert warnings.