GTX™ 345 Transponder Bundles Available for a Limited Time

Promotional Packages Offer Customers Great Ways to Save on Our Latest ADS-B Solution   Thanks to overwhelming popularity, Garmin is pleased to reintroduce two promotional packages which offer customers great ways to save while upgrading to the latest ADS-B technology and more. These ADS-B “In”/”Out” capable packages are available now through Dec. 29, 2017. For a list price of only $6,195, customers can save hundreds by purchasing the GTX 345 with GPS and aera® 660 bundle, allowing them to equip their aircrafts with ADS-B and to display subscription-free1 traffic and weather on our latest aviation portable. Customers looking for a panel mount solution may opt for the GTX 345R and GTN™ 625 package, giving them an IFR-certified navigator with WAAS/LPV capability, an ADS-B compliant transponder and subscription-free1 traffic and weather display capabilities — all for a list price of only $9,9402.

Part Number Description List Price Our Price
K10-00276-00 aera 660, N. America & GTX 345, GPS, Standard $6,195.00 $5,482.50
K10-00277-00 GTN 625, Black, Standard & GTX 345R, Standard2 $9,940.00 $8,785.00

  Please contact Clinton with any questions.   Untitled Untitled1           Untitled2 1 Subscription-free ADS-B traffic and weather is available in the U.S. only. 2 GA 35 Antenna included. Data card sold separately.

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