Garmin Adds GFC™ 500 & 600 Approvals

Now Available for Commander 112/112A; Cessna 340 Gets SRB Capability

Garmin is pleased to announce that they have received FAA STC approval for the GFC 500 autopilot in the Commander 112 and 112A. This approval joins the already approved Commander 112B, 112TC, 112TCA and Commander 114 aircraft. Please refer to the table below for pricing and part numbers for Commander aircraft that will be available for order.

This approval adds the Commander 112 and 112A to the GFC 500 STC Approved Model List. These installation kits are available to ship now.


GFC 500 – Commander Aircraft 112, 112A, 112B, 112TC, 112TCA, 114, 114A, 114B, & 114TC


 Part Number


List Price





GSA 28, FAA-PMA (1 per axis)



GFC 500 Product Info Kit



Kit 97, GFC500 Install, 2 Servo



Kit 98, GFC500 Install, Pitch Trim Servo



Kit 99, GFC500 Install, Yaw Damp Servo


Cessna 340 / 340A Smart Rudder Bias Approval


Additionally, Garmin is pleased to announce that the GFC 600 in the Cessna 340 and 340A is now capable of providing Smart Rudder Bias. Part of the Autonomi™ family, Smart Rudder Bias can provide additional assistance against hazardous effects of a one-engine inoperative event when appropriately equipped. Smart Rudder Bias requires the installation of a Garmin G500 TXi or G600 TXi flight display with software version 3.12 or later, configured as a primary flight display and engine indication system. Additionally, a GFC 600 digital autopilot with the yaw servo option must be installed or added to an existing GFC 600 installation and a Rudder Bias switch must also be installed.

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