BOSE Professional pilot Program for Airline/Instructor Pilots


BOSE Aviation has launched the Commercial Airline Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor appreciation program. This program provides the pilot 1 headset with a discount if they meet the requirements of this program.

If you would like to take part in this program, you will need to sign-up for this program at A Certified Flight Instruct can also visit the program at Please review details regarding Terms & Conditions of the program on its dedicated website.


In order to qualify for the Bose Commercial Airline Pilot and Flight Instructor appreciation program the pilot needs to be an active commercial pilot with an airline that holds an AOC, or an active flight instructor with FI rating.

  • For commercial airline pilots: A copy of their ATPL/CPL and a current copy of your airline ID is required.
  • For flight instructors: A copy of their ATPL/CPL/PPL indicating Flight Instructor (FI) rating, and copy of a recent logbook page (not older than 6 months) is required.


IMPORTANT: The eligible pilot must register on the program’s dedicated website prior to purchasing the Bose Aviation Headset from our shop.


Upon registration and review of required supporting documentation BOSE will confirm eligibility for the rebate (EUR 100,- incl. VAT), and provide the customer with a unique ID code, which you can send to us at [email protected]. We in turn will issue this discount on the purchase of your A20 headset. This program is once again offered for individual Professional Pilot and Flight Instructor purchases ONLY. The unique Bose issued ID code may be redeemed exclusively by the pilot him/herself, not by a legal entity. Fleet sales to commercial airlines, operators, and/or OEM aircraft manufacturers are excluded, please contact us any time convenient should you require further information, assistance, or wish to discuss such opportunities.

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