Avidyne's IFD R10.3.1.2 Software Update Certified

Avidyne's latest IFD Series software update, R10.3.1.2 has received TSO and Part23 STC approval, and is now available.

Release is a 'minor software release' that primarily provides fixes for known issues from the previous including:

  • Fixed issue regarding VHF frequencies not persisting across power cycles
  • Fixed issue with second standby frequency (when configured) that would time out after 20 seconds and revert back to the #1 standby
  • Fixed issue with devices driven by GAMA 429 (e.g. EX5000, Aspen) that don’t show the visual approach extended runway centerline
  • Fixed issue that we found in rare cases where an IFD reset may occur when RF legs are disabled, an approach is selected in the dropdown, and every enroute transition to that approach contains an RF leg
  • Fixed issue where the Exit Hold button does not appear when a hold immediately precedes an arrival or approach starting at the hold fix
  • Fixed an issue where VSR is not computed when the next altitude constraint is on a leg that is part of a departure
  • Fixed an issue where IFD outputs the selected altitude label even if enroute VNAV is disabled. In some installations, this can cause autopilot selected altitude to be overridden (e.g. TruTrak connected directly to the IFD).
  • Fixed scaling issue for Enroute VNAV deviations on G5 (see SIL 606-00192-000).
  • Fixed issue that caused Direct-to entry to be cancelled when using Keyboard Convenience Mode
  • Fixed issue that caused some IFDs with 'multi-engine enabled' to show fuel flow / quantity in single-engine format

If you would like this software update carried out on your IFD, please contact us on [email protected].