Aeronautical Aviation adds L3HARRIS FA2100 FDR/CVR Downloads and Analysis Capabilities


Aeronautical Aviation is proud to announce that it has acquired the equipment and expertise to Download and Analyse the L3HARRIS FA2100 series of FDR's and CVR's.


Information you need

When operators need information – and need it right away – there is no easier way than using the L3Harris Portable Interface (PI). The PI gives Aeronautical Aviation the ability to retrieve, monitor, digitally copy (with time tag) and playback Flight Data Recorder (FDR), Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) and Cockpit Voice and Data Recorder (CVDR) data.

Data Retrieval

Real-time audio (all channels), Playback of audio (all channels), Download of digital audio data to hard disk, Playback of audio from hard disk via Portable Interface, Real-time raw flight data and Full or partial download of digital flight data

Using the Handheld PI, which draws its power directly from the FDR, CVR and CVDR recorder, we can easily obtain full or partial downloads of real-time raw digital flight data. The best part is we don't even need to remove your unit from the aircraft, making off-site downloads a breeze.

This data is then transferred to our offices where all data is analysed and reports are issued to comply with SACAA annual requirements.


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