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The Trim Motor Adapter, combined with the autopilot control panel, allows applicable electric trim systems to connect to the skyView system to provide the SkyView Trim Controller and the SkyView Auto-Trim functions.

SkyView Trim Controller receives elevator trim commands from either the pilot or the autopilot, and determines the speed at which the trim motor should respond. The Trim Controller schedules the trim motor to respond quickly at slower airspeeds, and more slowly at higher airspeeds. The reduction of the trim sensitivity at high airspeeds reduces the likelihood that passengers will spill drinks on themselves when trim changes are commanded.

SkyView Auto-Trim allows the SkyView Auto-Trim function to automatically operate when the autopilot is engaged. This greatly reduces pilot-workload by freeing up the need to accomplish SkyView’s manual trim commands. It also ensures that when the autopilot is disconnected, the pilot will not be surprised by an out-of-trim airplane.

Auto-Trim also incorporates a variety of safety features. For instance, it will provide the pilot with a Warning alert if the trim motor operates without being commanded to do so. It also allows the pilot to electrically interrupt the power to the trim motor by holding the disconnect switch. When the autopilot is engaged, the pitch servo may mask the fact that the trim motor is operating inappropriately from the pilot. The warning and the interrupt circuit allows the pilot to stop and isolate the problem before the airplane becomes unmanageable. The adapter also provides alerts for when the trim motor fails to operate when commanded, and when the built-in tests of the monitoring circuits fail during system boot up.



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